Monday, May 4, 2009

Is Love fair? And if so, how does it relate to war?

Anyone who's ever read my Valentine's day post knows my opinion on love. I find it maddening and ridiculous because most people who say they're in love aren't, and actual cases of true love are few and far between.

However love is a common topic when it comes to my dreams. Day dreams, night dreams, the warm lethargic fantasies of the cozy, woozy place between waking and sleeping, half of all of my time is spent in dreams of love. I'm a romantic. I simply can't help it. Love is my spited lover, the man of my dreams that drives me nuts, but always leaves me wanting more.

It's a love hate relationship.

Yet I haven't even the cold comfort of past love and loss. No reason to cry. So I must get by on sad and/or romantic movies. What to watch when I dream of love? What to watch when I've got no reason to cry? My personal happy medium is Australia, right now.

It had all the right romance and tears in all the right places.

It's a cruel world, this world that says alls fair in love and war. Is it? Is it really? I know that as a citizen of the U.S., all is not fair in war. We have to fight by the rules, while our enemies claim that all is fair. Then again I suppose that in this land all really is kind of fair in love.

Not fair in the sense of everyone coming out happy in the end, though. I think that's just what we wish it would be. Quite honestly, all is fair just means that somebody can get away with anything if they put it under the name of Love. This is a cruel defilement of Romance.

No man who would violate every boundary for his own gain and call it love is a true lover. And no woman that would play on every insecurity in the all powerful name of Love is a lady worth courting.

I said it once, I'll say it again. All you need is love. But I beg you, do not use its name in vain, nor cover evil intentions with its innocent blood.

Link of the day! A genius that I happen to on occasion (when it suits me) call a friend of mine has begun a blog. We've been exchanging/critiquing manuscripts (and she'd better send me something new soon or she'll find out why I call myself The Vengeance) and she's absolutely brilliant. Check out CaityMarie's blog 'Say Anything' at


CaityMarie said...

Aww, you're too kind. Thanks for the link, pal. :)

As pertains to your post, I think this post reminds me most of the character Christian of Moulin Rouge BEFORE his venture into the bohemian underworld. I can't wait until you find your epic romance! It's all just a matter of a few minute interlude of sepia-toned time until the technicolor dream begins.

Oooh.... 0_o I should write that down.

The Vengeance said...

yeah you should. ^_~