Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life is Beautiful

title: the Name of possibly the most heart wrenching movie of all time.

I came to the park to forget about my worries. I talked to a friend about a potential suitor. As usual, he's rather interested but I don't think he's what I'm looking for.

"Go for it", says my friend. But my mind in the passenger seat keeps stomping the invisible break.

Realizing that worrying was what I came to forget, and that this suitor had me worried, I wandered to the swings and talked of other things.

My friend went to dinner and I sat alone, enjoying the wind and the sky. As I swung on that swing, the wind pushed me high, and for just a little while I knew I could fly.

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ScholarLee said...

Very poetic. My wife believes that "flying" is the common underlying human dream. She's deep like that.