Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Had only shadows offended, it'd already be mended

Whatever happened to civility between strangers? Didn't it used to be that we were only openly hostile with personal enemies, coworkers, family and close friends? What is an offense without it's personal sting? Tis only an expletive shouted out a rolled-down window on a crowded street.

Or is it?

What of the complicated relationship between the employee and the customer? You give us a tip, we give you extra wings with your order. You say something nice, or you're just really sweet even though we've taken way too long to get you your food, we give you the ranch for free (and we're supposed to charge you for it!). You shout at us and blame us for the sorrowful state the world is in, we spit in your pizza.

I watched, aghast, as two cardigan toting 8 year-olds tormented a library employee. They jumped out at the employee, who was sporting some truly fantastic gothic regalia, and began loudly mocking her sense of fashion. After about 20 minutes of this it appeared she finally tired of their loud mockery and warned them off with a threat to kick them out of the library. The mockery continued in a quieter fashion for another hour before their guardian finally took them away.

Their undivided attention to the torment of just one person surprised me. Why were they so persistent? Did they know how tolerant the girl would be of their abuse?

The young woman had such patience during the ordeal, but once it was finally over her true feelings were revealed. When they were finally gone, she left the public area of the building in tears.

A couple of bratty 8 year-olds brought a grown woman to tears, and customers have a secret bill of rights that includes open abuse of their servers.

Does anybody else's cold revenge shake taste like spit?

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Anonymous said...

The young lady deserves a round of applause....she put up w/uncivil behavior w/class...and the caretaker/mother of the kids doing the offending should be put into the stocks...Williamsburg, VA has a few available... :)