Friday, October 3, 2008

The crimes and punishement of being late

Whoops. There I went and did it again. No. I've never messed with your heart. I was talking about being late. Again. I'm late for life. Is that gonna affect my final grade? Because I've already got a pretty solid D-, and I'd rather not push my luck.

Although it may have taken your grade down a letter or so, I doubt lateness at school is going to affect your quality of life in general, in the end. Really it's what you do in your life, and with it, that will affect your "grade" in life.

Grade is really just another word for "judge", isn't it? Rather, I think judge is a bit better, when discussing your life and eternity or lack there of that you may think comes afterwards. Perhaps your destiny might be based on how you judge your own life in the end, once all is said and done. What if you find yourself lacking?

What kind of scale are we using, anyway? One to ten? Can we choose someone else to judge us? What if we're too hard on ourselves? What if we have no conscience but we're actually a psychopath? What then?

It is easier to believe that there's someone bigger who knows better.

Or maybe it is easiest to make sure that we are satisfied with what we did or didn't do with our life as we go. Do what you'll be proud of later. Yeah, that's even easier than a scale from one to ten!

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